Volunteer for Our Council

Our organization was founded by volunteers and depends on the willingness of people in our community to meet with international visitors professionally as well as socially. One of our goals is to introduce our visitors to the “American way of life” so whether you are retired, a student, or find yourself with a full family and work schedule, we have opportunities to interact with these visitors. Is it family game night at your house? Include one of our delegates! Do you eat hot dogs at the ballpark or does your family regularly eat a picnic lunch Saturday afternoon at soccer practice? What a great way to spend time with one of the visitors! Informal meals, barbecues, and potlucks are also easy ways to experience citizen diplomacy.

If you want to take a visitor shopping, would like to introduce someone to Gulf Islands National Seashore, or want to take a few people to the National Naval Aviation Museum, let us know and we will work to make that happen.

If you would like to help us in the office, we have plenty of opportunities from writing thank you notes once a month to preparing programs and proposals daily. We are always looking for extra hands for our membership events and welcome your ideas on how you would like to spend your talents and time with us.

For university students interested in international affairs, we have an internship which exposes you to the various players in the International Visitor Leadership Program. The position gives you a chance to have your research and writing skills make a difference both locally and globally as your work introduces the world to northwest Florida and helps develop a globally literate workforce through educational outreach programs and professional exchange. High school students are encouraged to contact us to find out about volunteer activities they can participate in alongside the visitors.

Expand your world! It’s easier than you think to get involved as a volunteer.